English Journal Assignment

****already did the first journal for Percipolis so need the 3 other books done. Writing is not just a finished product, such as a formal essay; it is also a process that helps us to formulate thoughts and ideas. The reading journal is a place for you to record that process as you explore ideas, ask questions, and begin to think critically about the assigned texts. You will write a one-two page entry about each novel in the class. Your final journal will have four entries for a total of 4-8 pages. In each entry, you should focus on a specific aspect of the text that interests you. You might decide to explore something that puzzles you, or something that strikes you as frustrating, innovative, or thought-provoking. You might analyze a particular theme, word, image, or character. You might offer a close reading of a paragraph, page, or picture. The best journal entries explore something specific and detailed, connecting this detail to a larger issue or issues in the text. You are not expected to have a thesis or a polished argument, but rather to try out ideas or tentative analyses. You are free to write about any aspect of the text, but some specific possibilities for journal entries include: -choosing a page of Persepolis and looking at the way the panels construct meaning, You could look at the size of the panels, the use of darkness and light, where the images are on the panels, the size of images, facial expressions, or gestures. You could also consider the use of speech bubbles and captions. -investigating clues to the identity of the narrator’s interlocutor in The Reluctant Fundamentalist. -drawing an image that says something about any character in Fight Club, and explaining why you chose the image. – engaging in a controversial question raised by Disgrace: what do you think of Lucy’s decision not to go to the police? -watching the film adaptation of any of the novels, and analyzing one specific way in which the film differs from the novel. What effect does this change have? Does it improve, supplement, change, or detract from the novel?

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