general Grant

Follow general Grant on his drive through Petersburg to Appomattox Courthouse and look for General Lees efforts to save his army and his ultimate decision to take what may have been his only option. Also look at President Lincoln’s arrival and tour of Richmond, the Confederate capitol, and what was so special about that event. Another story that bears some thought is the story of Wilmer McLean and his home. Take note of the Union officers present at the surrender and what Confederate offices were there. Also while Grant crafted the surrender document, which was different that others he had written, who wrote it out formally and why was this man interesting. I will post the questions next Tuesday.

1. What efforts did Grant make to overcome lee at first?

2. What stratagem did Grant settle on?

3. What was so interesting about Mr. McLean?

4. Why did General Lee accept Grants terms?

5. Grant wrote out the surrender terms, but the formal document was written by who and what is special about that person?

6. Was there a battle at Appomattox Courthouse?

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