How to Get My Approval


Individual Project 1 – How to Get My Approval

Attention Please!

In IP1 you will (1) select a systems engineering project, and (2) prepare an outline of your project; (3) prepare an abstract/summary/outline of your project.

You need to obtain my approval BEFORE finalizing your selection of a systems engineering project.

You must send me an email containing a description of your proposed project. Do this by sending me your PRELIMINARY abstract/outline. I will evaluate what you submit and I will either (1) approve it, or (2) I will suggest how your project needs to be modified.

Part 1: Project Proposal  (1–2 pages)

Throughout this course, you will be developing a systems engineering management plan (SEMP) for a project of your choice. This week, you will choose a project and develop a proposal. The project can be for a systems engineering problem of your choosing, or it can be for the standard class problem. If you choose a problem other than the standard problem, it must be approved by the instructor. The proposal should consist of the following:

Working title: Systems Engineering Management Plan

Project summary (1/2–1 page): This will provide the context for all decisions made in the SEMP.

Short description of the focus of the systems engineering effort (1/2–1 page)

Identifies key assumptions about the systems engineering project implementation

Working list of project references (4–8 references): This will be used to guide your research. It is not the final list, but should be enough to give you a good start on your project (4–8 references should be provided).

Turn in your proposal to your instructor to get approval before beginning the project.

Part 2: Document Shell for SEMP

In the Discussion Board assignment for this week, you chose a SEMP template for your project. Create your shell document using the chosen SEMP template. You will add to this document each week as you complete your individual projects. Each week, you will populate the shell document with information that will be identified by section name. The final SEMP will be the Key Assignment that you turn in at the end of the course. The following is the standard template for the SEMP that is provided for the class. Your shell document may differ if you decided as a class to use a different template or if you have decided to use your own template (approved by the instructor).

Title page

Executive Summary

Document History

Table of Contents



Document Overview

System Overview

Project Schedule


System Engineering Processes

Project Organization


Decision-Making Process

System Engineering Model

System Engineering Processes

Configuration Management

Requirements Engineering

Functional Analysis

Design Processes

Development Processes



System Integration

Build Management



Specialty Engineering

System Deployment

Site preparation

System installation

System checkout

User training

Support engineer training

Product Support


Logistics support


Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials. Find resources on how to write academically and use APA citations, including an example of Masters-level writing, in the Writing Style Guide for Master’s Students.

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