I did exercise style questions instead of multiple choice.

For this quiz, I did exercise style questions instead of multiple choice. This assignment is not timed. The answers do not have to be very long, but they should refer to specific moments, details, and/or ideas in the text and meet the stipulated length requirement.

1. Who is the author’s alter-ego and what is she like? (2 to 3 sentences)

2. In her chapter on grocery shopping titled “Field Greens,” Martinez describes grocery shopping as “high stakes gambling?” Why does she do that? What about grocery shopping is like “high stakes gambling?” (4 to 6 sentences)

3. What is her opinion on charity and helping the homeless? Why does she have that opinion? (3 to 5 sentences)

4. Who is Norty? How does he help the author?  (2 sentences)

6. Given the book as a whole, what do you think her stance on religion is? How does she feel about Catholicism? Explain your answer. (5 to 8 sentences)

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need answers in two hours by 4/13/2022 at 4PM.


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