Miss Brill

First READ Miss Brill, By “Katherine Mansfield”. Then in a well-developed essay of 1200 words analyze the author’s use of a specific literary device or related devices (symbolism, characterization, imagery, structure, setting, literary point of view, irony, etc.) to convey meaning/theme in the work. Things to remember: Create a meaningful title for your essay. Introduce the work and author and state a clear thesis in the introductory paragraph. Read the section entitled “Literary Theme” from the class handouts (I HAVE ATTACHED) to ensure that the meaning/theme you have chosen qualifies as a literary theme and is properly expressed and supported. Integrate quotations from the literary work, but avoid long quotations. Give proper context to quotations. Use proper citations for all quotations. The essay should exhibit a balance of details and commentary. It should NOT be a mere plot summary of the story, nor should it be analysis without sufficient textual support. Each body paragraph should have a topic and a concluding sentence. Maintain verb tense. When writing about literary works, stay in literary present tense.

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