Monopoly Drinking game

I need a final report of SWOT analysis of 500 words to campaign a drinking game. The game is like monopoly idea but as drinking. t’s a final report with a minimum of 500 words, it’s about SWOT analysis for a drinking game of Spanish students based in the Uk and wants to campaign this project. Bellow, I attach you the game’s explanation that you can have an idea how the final report of the SWOT( Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) that you know how the analysis Marketing should be. The game similar to monopoly where everybody wins. The ultimate drinking game and pre-game experience is here. The enjoyment of a board game with friends with the benefits of the social lubricant aka alcohol is sure to make your evening a ton of fun. You can play it at home, at a party or a bar, join together and have fun as a group. It is easy to pick up and has no play limit (but 4 to 8 players is the ideal), and do not worry about spillage because the board is WATERPROOF!! Just take the board out, get your friends, crack open a cold one and LET THE DRINKING GAMES BEGIN. The game includes the board and dice in the basic versions, further rewards will include a shot glass, if you want the party goes up to eleven, or poker chips doing the job of tokens. We wanted to keep it simple with just the bare necessities. All boards given are made of flexible PVC, great quality and waterproof! Don’t worry about it deteriorating, it will last a lifetime! As with any game you can always make it your own, we want players mixing rules up and adding new ones, house rules are encouraged. But here are some rules to get the game started before you make up your own. GAME RULES Drink what assigned on board when you fall in a disco square Drink four times if you go to Jail Finish your drink to get out of Jail before two rounds Drink once for every round you spend in Jail Drink once if when being in Jail, a player lands on Visit Only Drink once if you fall in Drinking Tax and Last Call Drink twice if you get doubles on dice Drinks squares (ex. Gintonic) and 500 squares are safe from drinking When falling in Parking Jackpot, everybody drinks but the player SPADES AND JOKER Spades and Joker squares can be used as safe squares On the big Joker and Spades images, two shot glasses can be placed. When falling into squares with one or the other icon, the player either drink the shot (Spades) or gives the shot to another player (Joker) On the big Joker and Spades images, a full glass can be placed. When falling into squares with one or the other icon, the player either fills the glass with his/her drink (Joker) or drinks the mix of drinks in the glass (Spades) We are a group of 3 students trying to make something we would like to see at a pregame, to make the predrinks more interesting and involving everybody in the group.

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