Policy Analysis Paper

My brief description There are three people working on this paper, however, the paper is divided into three different parts. My group members are focusing on the first and second part while I am focusing on the Advocacy and implementation section only. This is the only area you’ll be focusing on. Secondly, the total number of pages require for this paper is 10 pages, including 8 references, and 5 of those references must be from peer reviewed, scholarly journals in any related field or government documents. But each person is require to write three pages, and are also responsible for three references and two scholarly journals. So, for my part which is the Advocacy and implementation section the total number of pages you’re writing is three pages, three references, and two scholarly journals. Please also have a summary at the end of the paper. Probably two-three sentences will be awesome. The article you’ll be using for this paper is the ”H.R. 1661: Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017 or better still “The Affordable Housing Act” If there’s anything I didn’t mention please follow the professor’s instructions above and if there’s anything else you don’t understand please do not hesitate to email me. This paper is worth 30 points and my group members and I need to do well on it to help with our grades. Everything has to be in APA format, citations, references, in-texts etc.

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