part 5 (chapters 9-11): choose one of the following 3 questions and write a detailed response

(1) what is populism? provide at least two examples that demonstrate how populism functioned in latin america.

(2) what was the liberation theology movement? which of their beliefs were similar to those of the marxists and which were different?

(3) describe the relationship that the united states maintained with latin american armed forces during the cold war. which nations did the united states appear to have the closest relationships?  who were some of the leaders of these military regimes?  what were some of the tactics used by the militaries against their opponents

part 6 (timerman book): compose a reflection essay in canvas and consider any of the following questions in your response:  how is it possible that a nation with democratic institutions like argentina could plunge into a totalitarian predicament described by timerman in prisoner without a name, cell without a number?  do you agree with the argentine military’s assessment that they are justified in governing the nation instead of civilian politicians?   how would you react if comparable measures were employed in the united states against its citizens? what lessons can other nations, including the united states, learn from this episode in latin american history and politics? your answer is worth a possible 15 points.

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