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1. At the beginning of “Saboteur,” when Mr. Chiu experiences an unprovoked attack, he questions the police officer. Why does Mr. Chiu question the  police offer and what does this suggest about his character at this point in the story? How else would you describe Mr. Chiu based on the evidence we are given about him in the first few pages (beginning) of the story?

2. At the end of the story, Mr. Chiu decides to spread his hepatitis infection in Muji City by going to various restaurants and stands, buying food, eating only a bit, and moving on to the next place. He starts an epidemic in which over eight hundred people contract hepatitis. We are told that “Six died of the disease, including two children” (427). What is your reaction to this?There is no length requirement for this assignment. Use your judgment about how much you want to say to answer the question you have chosen.

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