social/political/historical issue was the artist responding to

ASSIGNMENT: The visual language of art can be an extremely effective medium for communicating a point of view on social and political issues.  Much art from the 18th Century forward reflects historical, social, and political concerns that activate emotional responses and instigate social change.  For this project, choose a single artwork that reflects potent social, political, or historical meaning within the time frame of this course (14th century to present). Any medium is fine, but be sure to choose an artwork that is significant enough to have scholarly sources. Artworks discussed in video lectures or in the textbook are also fine to use.  Study and research the work in terms of:??

What social/political/historical issue was the artist responding to?  ?

What was the artist’s personal connection to this issue, if any? Why do you think they chose such a subject?

What visual elements and principles does the artist employ to provoke, inspire, or document socio-political issues? How does the artist’s choice of medium and technique contribute to the overall meaning of the work?

What was the historical, social, and political context for the work?

How did the audience receive or respond to the artwork at the time of its making or exhibition?  How do you, as a 21st-century viewer, respond to the work?  Is it still effective or not?

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