Suffolk University Approaches to Religion and Non Violence

  • SLO2: Compare religious approaches to violence and peacebuilding.
  • SLO4: Understand religion and theology as culturally embedded processes.
  • SLO6: Appreciate the existential importance of ultimate questions in their historical and cultural complexity.

Develop a critical analysis essays comparing and assessing the approaches to religion and (non) violence we have discussed in the second half of the course. For the critical analysis: 1) Compare religious approaches to violence and peacebuilding; 2) Discuss how the comparison sheds light on the extent to which religion and theology are embedded in historical, cultural, and/or socio-political processes; and, 3) Reflect on how comparing religious approaches to violence and peacebuilding reveals the ongoing significance of ultimate questions as they are entangled in historical, cultural, and socio-political complexities. Note that these are not argument papers with a well-defined thesis; these are critical analysis papers, where the focus is a detailed examination of our class readings in relationship to each other, and a critical reflection on what the significance of that comparative examination is. Even so, you should have a clear introduction and conclusion, with a strong narrative thread running through the paper. Be sure you cite and substantiate all claims. You cannot address all assigned course readings, though you should examine at least 7 of the readings from the section of the course we are discussing. Include a cover page, page numbers, footnotes, and a bibliography. Including everything, each essay should be around 10 pages, double-spaced. Use inclusive, scholarly language and the Chicago Manual of Style (Notes-Bibliography System).

Please submit before april 6, the extra time is for edits after getting the professors notes.

attached below is the articles we read and discussed and i’ll attach more once the question is accepted…

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