the genocides in the 1990s

Our second to last paper will cover the genocides in the 1990s, in former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. The Assignment is below – read it carefully.

This time I have not added any readings or PowerPoints, but I want you to base your paper solely on the two films, linked below.  There are many similarities between these genocides, and they took place at  roughly the same time, in the early to mid 1990s. Instead of dealing with the whole history of the events, I want you to focus on the difficult subject matter of the films – what happens when your own family and relationships are from the “wrong” side? How can societies where people have lived side by side for hundreds of years all of a sudden turn on each other? What does identity mean if there are no differences in lived experiences and yet those identities can be “activated” to kill each other? These are the difficult questions I want you to tackle as you watch these excellent films. The two films are based on the real (and all to common) stories from these two conflicts. They are difficult to watch, so make sure you don’t have small children nearby when you watch them.

For Fifth Paper:

1)The film on the Former Yugoslavia is called “In the Land of Blood and Honey” and can be rented on Vudu or here:

2) The film on Rwanda is called “Sometimes in April” and it is free if you have HBOMax, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, but you can also rent it on Vudu, Google Play, or here:

PAPER 5 Assignment:

(Only use the source given and watch videos, 4 pages single spaced, times new roman 10, 1reference page)

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