The Return of the Prodigal Son


A Power Point Presentation on the painting “The Return of the Prodigal Son” by artist Guercino, dated 1654-55

Here is a summary of what you will submit for your Power Point Presentation:

·         A Cover Slide including your artist’s name, your name, the course title and date etc.

·         A 2 page/slide biography of your artist.

*A 2 page/slide description, formal analysis, and interpretation of the artwork. *The analysis portion of this assignment must follow the “Writing a Critique” format. ( see attached)

·         *A Reference list slide properly citing 6 references cited in the MLA citation style

·         Ensure that you also follow the “ Guideline for PowerPoint Construction”.(see attached)

Please consider the following:

·         You may use Museum websites or other scholarly sources/references.

·         Images are interesting but do not let it take the place of written content. Cite all references.

·         Do not use voice on this PPT or Notes.  It is often unreliable for this type of presentation.

·         Please see the Power Point Tips before creating your Power Point.

*Ensure that you demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic being discussed and addresses all required points in the writing prompt.

*Ensure to use proper formatting in MLA Style

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