three examples of behaviors that would probably be unethical but legal

. 6 Human Resource Questions below. 1. Provide three examples of behaviors that would probably be unethical but legal, and three that would probably be illegal but ethical. 2. Do you feel that a person’s morals outside of work match their business morals? Why or why not? 3. Punitive measures are being left behind as ways of the past. PIPs have replaced written reprimands and other forms of less negative punishment are being utilized in businesses. As HR professionals and your personal experience, do you feel this is the best approach? Support your reasoning. 4 Explain how you would ensure fairness in disciplining, discussing particularly the prerequisites to disciplining, disciplining guidelines, and the discipline without punishment approach. 5. Ethics is a part of being successful in business. Good leaders practice fair and ethical behaviors. HR professionals need to remain ethical in all business transactions and interactions in order to comply with laws and to build trust among the employee population. Class how does a business instill in their employees to remain ethical in all business dealings? 6. There are ways to rephrase the questions asked but, in my opinion, and experience, it is better the questions are not asked. None have anything to do with making a well-informed hiring decision. Aside from specific questions about the candidate’s experience, the only other question that should be asked is “are you able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without accommodations? ” Class what are your thoughts on asking if a candidate can perform the job? Would you be prepared to respond accordingly should the candidate mention the need for accommodation?

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