Topic and rationale


Topic and rationale

Thesis Statement


Preliminary reference list

Remember to choose a topic that reflects your areas of study ( Any topic of Physical Therapy ). Submit this assignment as ONE word document with a clear heading above each section of the assignment:  Rationale, Thesis Statement, Outline, Preliminary Reference List

Note: A  Topic Exploration Worksheet.docx Topic Exploration Worksheet.docx – Alternative Formats   is available to help you choose and focus your topic. It is not required, but is helpful to explore ideas.


Rationale is a brief statement of the purpose for your paper. Like a blueprint or plan, it should provide the methodology and goals for the paper. It should include the following:

PURPOSE:  What do you hope achieve with this paper? What are your goals?

BACKGROUND: What relevant experience, studies or research do you have with the topic? How does it relate to your areas of study?

SIGNIFICANCE: Why is this topic worthy?  What do you hope to learn from this experience?  What new perspective will you bring?

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AND DESCRIPTION: How will you conduct your research and what sources will you use?

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