a disease caused by a microorganism

Choose a disease caused by a microorganism(Staphylococcus epidermidis ) and write a 2-5 page essay detailing the disease.

Points available: 20

The paper must include the following information:

  • Define, explain, describe: The disease and its causative agent (bacteria, virus, prion) is described in detail
  • Discovery: Full description and details about discovery of causative agent of disease, Where it is found, Who discovered it, What contributed to its discovery, How it was discovered, etc.
  • Epidemiology: Is the bug contagious? How contagious is it? What are its morbidity and mortality rates? Information concerning the epidemiology of the bug should be detailed and complete.
  • Signs and symptoms: Full description of signs and symptoms is covered
  • Treatments and survivability: Is bug treatable? If so, how is it treated? Can it be cured? Can it be slowed?
  • You can get creative with this! Write it as if you are a clinician…. write it as if you are a forensics specialist and someone used a bacteria or virus as a bioweapon…. write it as a mystery…. all kinds of possibilities!!!!
  • Bibliography – At least 5 primary source

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