a Public Health issue

The general population does not really know much about Public Health. In fact, some of your friends and family members probably express said sentiments. Your role as a student enrolled in the Public Health Internship course is to help the public understand this discipline.


Choose a Public Health issue of your choice (e.g. HIV, obesity, poverty, mental health or any other issue) and define Public Health for the general population. Use pop culture such as entertainment which includes movies, music, TV; sports, news as in people/places in the news, politics, fashion/clothes and technology and slang “going viral “to reach the general public.

Your health message should be at least 2 paragraphs long, and can be delivered with a comic or humor. Be Creative!

Your lost will be graded on these elements:

Public Health issue clearly defined.

Public Health defined

Catchy storyline

Educational- your message teaches the public about the health issue and possibly how we can avoid it.

Include at least one image that supports your idea.

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