a ring of natural disasters around the Pacific

https://justpaste.it/8zttj –

Vox. (2018, July 26). Why there’s a ring of natural disasters around the Pacific [Video]. YouTube.

Follow all instructions and guidelines

Unit 3 : Volcanoes

Watch the video embedded above for additional information.

In a document, answer the following questions:

What is the Ring of Fire? Give detailed information about the location, why important, and its history of volcanic eruptions. Why is this area so prone to earthquakes?

Several hundred years ago, a volcano erupted near the city of Pompeii. Archaeologists have found the remains of people embracing each other, suffocated by the ash and rock that covered everything. What type of eruption, what type of volcano? Support your answer with facts about volcanic eruptions.

From what you reviewed in “Layered Earth” compare and contrast the different types of volcanoes and the different types of lava.

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