Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets

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Our nation’s vulnerability to the disruption of a Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets (CI/KA) was displayed when Hurricane Harvey hit the state of Texas.  Oil and gas supplies were disrupted resulting fuel shortages and higher prices.  Most people are unaware of how fragile our fuel, utilities and food supplies are when it comes to disruption.  Gas stations and grocery stores only maintain 1 – 3 days worth of inventory on hand at any given time.  Even short disruptions can cause major shortages.  Additionally, 80% of our CI/KA are privately owned meaning government has little control over their emergency planning and preparedness.

Based on this week’s required reading and supplemental information found in Module 5, please respond to the following questions:

1. Define what is Critical Infrastructure/Key Asset and give at least 2 examples?  What are the most vulnerable CI/KA in the U.S. presently?

2. After answering questioning #1, what specific threats pose the greatest risk to CI/KA?

3. What is an EMP and is this a viable threat to our nation’s Critical Infrastructure?  How can this threat be mitigated?

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