The Asahi Shimbun or The Japan News.

The paper is to be 12pt. font, one and a half-spaced, and one page only. Citations are mandatory and your opinion of the subject must be in the last paragraph. All current event papers will be submitted through Turnitin. Articles should be selected from English-language news sources based in East Asia where possible, for example The Asahi Shimbun or The Japan News. Be careful with media organizations from the PRC like China Daily or The Global Times. These are often state-run or government-dominated entities, which makes them unreliable about reporting objectively on many stories, especially ones bearing on China’s interests (for example stories about Xinjiang in a PRC paper vs a US, Japan, Europe, etc one). Chose any article to do a current event on. This assignment is meant to keep students up to date with current news regarding the bilateral relationship between Japan and the United States.

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