an ethical critique of a film discussed in the text or a film.

an ethical critique of a film discussed in the text or a film. Using major ethical theories in the text the student will analyze the ethical dilemma(s) of the major character, and then analyze ways in which the dilemma is resolved in the film and the way in which the student thinks the dilemma should be resolved. When it is possible integrate other ethical theories i.e. ethical relativism, Kant’s Deontology, Utilitarianism, egoism, and theories of virtue. Please keep in mind that some characters will exhibit several ethical traits. Only write about dominate ethical trait(s). Please provide support for your points. Any comments from text or other sources must be cited using APA style. A one to two paragraph summary of the movie Body (Should be between 4-6 pages. Four being the minimum.) Conclusion Last page should be a works cited page. (The movie is a source.)

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