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A) Introduce the context of your research topic. 850 words In your submission please approach the following: 1) What is the context (background) of your research topic? 2) What is the importance of this research topic? 3) What is the interest part of this research topic? 4) What’s the relevance (focus) of this research topic? 5) What your principal argument will be? B) Identify and Explain the logic of choosing your research topic. 750 words In your submission please approach the following; 1) Analyze why this work is considering original, 2) Identify and discuss the research background with a brief overview of other already investigated key studies, 3) Identify and discuss possible research gaps available that proposes future research around the area of your investigation. C) Identify and Briefly explain the research aims and Objectives. 600 words In your submission please approach the following 1) Clearly state the Purpose of your study by outlining the research aims and objectives. 2) Research questions or hypotheses may follow after your research purpose. Citation in Harvard style some of the material is provided the method would be questionnaires and interview should be mentioned.

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