Cognitive Theory in the Classroom

This is a 2- part paper. A. 1. Consider the following three examples: a. You’re taking classes, and you live a considerable distance from campus. However, your car is about worn out, and you can’t afford a new one, since you’re going to school. b. You have been assigned to write a Mid-Term Essay for one of your classes. Your instructor has stated that you pick a topic that focuses on applications of information processing theory and that you must include references to support your application. c. You and your significant other are planning to go to dinner, but about an hour before you’re ready to go out s(he) falls asleep, since s(he) worked very late the previous night. For each example, decide it is or is not a problem, and if it is a problem, determine if it is well defined or ill defined. Explain in each case. B. Write a 6 page essay which identifies some of the aspects of Constructivist Theory, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. Give examples of how they are used in learning activities and how effective they may be. How would you include and incorporate these theories and concepts in your teaching? Remember to use APA writing style, your essay should reflect your ideas of how you can include complex cognitive theory and concepts in your classroom. Be certain to identify your classroom level, for example, 5th grade Science or 9th Grade English for example. Be certain to include your written responses to the MID-TERM Exercises either at the beginning or end of your essay, this is a Single-Person Written Assignment. All pages have a running head, which is a shortened version of the title, and a page number. The first page of text repeats the full title on top, centered (not bold), and observing the rule of capitalization. All body text of the essay is written in double space and Times Roman12 or Arial 12 font. At least major first level headings are expected, such as Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion you may use other terms if you prefer. Second level headings may be useful to establish sub-divisions on a major section. Third level headings are optional in a short essay but may be used instead of bullets. The essay body would include in-text citations in the usual format (Last Name(s), Year) – e.g. (Anderson & Peters, 2015). The References page or pages must include all cited sources in alphabetic order, French indented, and with full reference in APA style; not just an URL (see examples in the Purdue Owl). Save your essay as PDF file before uploading in order to preserve the APA format. This is a research paper and you are expected to use several sources, at least three and a maximum of six.

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