Do Legalized Marijuana Laws Effect Crime Rates?

The literature review section of your paper is due in-class on March 26. The literature review informs the reader of the relevant study on the research you desire to address. By offering a literature review, you show the reader you are well versed on the subject, what the other experts say, and why/how your research issues relate to what has already been proven ‘not false’. The literature review should be typed, 2-3 pages, double spaced, size 12 letter, have seven sources (six from secondary sources, one using the text to explain the theoretical relevance), Times Roman font, APA style, titled ‘Literature Review’ and be written as if for a high school senior to understand. Make sure you elaborate on the theoretical perspective and support the connection with the research issue based upon the secondary sources in this section. Also, include the ‘works cited’ section at the end (see the Purdue Owl website via a Google search for questions about citations). Hypothetic al Example: Literature Review Income has been proven to fluctuate based upon several criteria. Wells (2008) discusses how self-esteem had influence on the work discipline of coal miners in West Virginia during the cold war. In the middle of the 20th century, given the Soviet Union’s desire to confront American interests, coal miners who were patriotic and whose children were serving in the military were more likely to work extra hours without additional compensation as a means to generate revenue for the American war effort. Johnson (2011) found that patriotism is confounded by the level of education one attains. The higher the level of education, the more likely people question those in authority and scrutinize their behaviors for ulterior motivation beside love of country. Johnson’s work was further supported by Albatrize (2014) who examined the military participation, the Zoot suit phenomena, and patriotism for working class- lower educated Latinos. Remember: No ‘I, me, we, us, you, our’ statements. Write the paper in the third person format. Remember: Do not teach the reader, simply tell the reader. Do not use technical in-class jargon. My theoretical perspective is conflict theory. I attached my previous paper with used sources for better understanding. In-text citations are required.

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