Family therapy in the twenty-first century

Family therapy in the twenty-first century

Family of origin (foo) exploration (african origin)

Approx. 5 -6 pages (does not include the title page or reference page)

Students will write and uses one of the major theories learned in class and describe a case example, i.e. Your foo.

Topic: family therapy in the twenty-first century

Papers will consist of the following:

Briefly cover the main component and theory of the chosen modality of family therapy.

Present your family of origin. Preferably use a transition time of your foo when you were a teenager.

Analyze the case using one of the theoretical orientations taught in class. How do you conceptualize this case from your chosen modality?

Describe a word-for-word intervention(s) you would use in order to enact some sort of change or provide some relief for the client(s). This should clearly show that it is a specific approach being utilized. (approximately one page “transcript”.)

As relevant, identify how you would take into consideration ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and other diversity aspects in understanding and intervening with the family.

What is your “prognosis” of what will happen with this family? Would you make other recommendations to help them? (example: drug or alcohol treatment, sex therapy, psychiatric evaluation, individual therapy, some form of social services, educational assistance, etc.)

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