Groundwater sustainability lab

Groundwater sustainability lab

In this lab, you will analyze the impact of human growth and industrialization on the sustainability of groundwater. The goal is to consider whether groundwater sustainability will be impacted if current human growth stays the same.

For this assignment, you will use the unit 2 lab: groundwater sustainability to complete the unit 2 lab report.

First, open the unit 2 lab: groundwater sustainability.

Then, open this template.

Using the lab report template, you will complete the information below.

Fill in the data table using the time progression of industrialization and human development.

Time periodimpact to forestgroundwater levelssaltwater intrusionfarmingindustrial developmentpopulation1800s1900s2000s

Write a lab report using the scientific method. Your report will include all of the following:

Purpose: in 2–3 sentences, state the purpose of the groundwater sustainability lab.

Introduction: in a detailed paragraph, summarize what is currently known about the impact of human development on groundwater sustainability. Use the background information provided in the unit 2 lab: groundwater sustainability.

Hypothesis / predicted outcome: in 1 sentence, state what you expect the results of the lab procedure will be.

Methods: in a detailed paragraph, summarize the steps that you performed to collect the data in this lab exercise. The goal of the methods section is to include enough information so that others can duplicate your process and obtain the same results.

Results / outcome: in a detailed paragraph, summarize your data.

Discussion / analysis: in a detailed paragraph, discuss whether you obtained the expected results and what you learned from the lab.

Submit your completed assignment in one of the following ways:

Upload your completed lab report.

Upload an image with your completed lab report.

Type in your responses to the lab report in the individual project (ip) submission text box.

View the individual project demo for guidance on how to submit your lab report as an individual.

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