1. Miletsone -1 (3 pages) – check portfolio project attachment document

For this piece of that assignment, you will write the introduction to your final portfolio project (3 pages), comprehensively describing the industry you are choosing to use in the paper and preliminary challenges with information governance that you have identified. Be sure to utilize 3-5 sources from the sources.

Expectations are that it will be a scholarly work, using largely peer-reviewed resources, formatted to apa 7 style. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are significantly weighted. Any instance of plagiarism will result in a 0 on the activity (first offense) or failing the course (2nd offense).

2 — information governance and information technology functions – 650 words (discussion)

Information governance and information technology functions data are extremely important for creating competitive advantage. The key is knowing which data matter and ensuring those who need the data, have access to the data, when they need it. Based on the company you have identified for your final paper, discuss 1) the data that matters to the executives in that industry, 2) who, within that industry, needs that data, and 3) some methods for ensuring that the critical data gets into the users’ hands.  remember to respond to two other learners’ post, letting them know if they missed any data or details in their industry.

At least one scholarly source should be used in the initial discussion thread. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources from the uc library. Use proper citations and references in your post.

Read the following learning materials.

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