Relationships Essay Assignment

Relationships Essay Assignment Write a well-drafted essay around the topic of relationships. Consider content in Chapter 8-11 and critically reflect on one topic related to relationships I do not have access to the online book. I have included a link to show content available under these chapters. • Some examples are topics such as relationship dynamics, intimacy, self-disclosure, communication climates, and/or conflict styles and skills. • Discuss how they impact communications in general and how they specifically impact your communication. • It is essential you use points from the text and possibly other sources to support your paper and give it strength. • Any information used from a source, including the text, must be cited using MLA style including “in text” citations. • The paper should be 2-3 pages in length (not including the Title and Reference pages). • Submit this paper in Microsoft Word format. • Don’t forget develop a thesis statement, and support that statement in your paper.

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