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Roi is one of the most common financial measuring tools. Being able to calculate the roi or expected roi allows us to make the best decisions about where to invest our funds for the most return on our investment over time.

Part 1

Using the numbers in course scenario: phoenix fine electronics, which was provided in week 1, calculate the estimated roi for an erp implementation.

Calculate the estimated productivity as a result of implementing erp system.

Note: if you need help calculating roi, review this week’s activity, content marketing roi by honigman.

Part 2


Complete your business case to present to the management team of phoenix fine electronics. Incorporate your analysis and instructor feedback from the previous week’s assignments. Include the following in your final business case:

Executive summary

High-level overall business needs and desired outcomes

Scope of project

Measurable values of new system

An explanation of the strategic alignment

Estimated roi and productivity (from part 1)

Final recommendation

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