role and importance of non-verbal communication.

Follow instructions below and write a proposal easy for topic approval based on ;role and importance of non-verbal communication.

The topic approval essay will include the direction of your project with an introduction, thesis, main points, and some connection to the course elaborated. I expect the proposal for this project to be about 500-700 words describing your plan and areas of focus on the topic below.

The proposal will include an overview of your final project idea, along with at least two apa citations. At minimum, you should create a thesis summarizing general main points and some connection to the course elaborated. You are basically answering the question, “hey! Here is what my idea is for this final project, and here is what i will focus on, and here are just a few resources i will be using.

“the prompt for the final paper :

You will respond to the question, “part of the university course description for this class indicates exploring the social effects of communication. Reflecting on the topics covered in this class, which topic do you feel most affects your social relationships, and why?”

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