Chapter 9

What are teratogens? Give 5 examples.

Define each of these stages: germinal, embryonic, and fetal.

Discuss mary ainsworth’s research on attachment. What did she do and what did she find?

Discuss how language develops and how adults encourage it.

Discuss piaget’s theory in detail. List each stage and what happens in each stage.

Discuss the physical sexual development of adolescence.

How do relationships change in adulthood? Provide a detailed discussion.

What are some of the social and cognitive changes we go through in later adult life?

Chapter 10

How does each of the following perspectives explain personality development? : psychoanalytic, humanistic, social cognitive, and trait perspective.

Discuss freud’s stages of personality development in detail (psychosexual stages). Provide examples of what happens in each stage.


Once your personality is formed, freud stated that you have three parts or structures. What are those three structures and how do they work?


What are defense mechanisms? What uses them and why? List each one and define them with examples.

How are rogers and freud different?

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