Policies and regulatory challenges to Artificial Intelligence

The topic is:

Policies and regulatory challenges to Artificial Intelligence

Criteria of a good dissertation, the dissertation must be a substantial scholarly work of a quality and length akin to a law review article (at least 8 pages), that follows the below guidance:

The Introduction
· Please identify the dissertation subject and include a hook that captures the reader’s interest and articulates the scope of the dissertation.
· Please describe the overall argument.
· Please clarify fundamental concepts to the extent necessary.
· Please summarizes the paper’s structure in a roadmap.

The content, the student’s dissertation is evaluated on the basis of the following elements:

· Issue Statement : please identify a problem and provide a constructive analysis of it.
· Legal Significance : please present a subject that is novel, not obvious, and useful to the audience.
· Persuasive Argument: The argument in support of the thesis is clear, logical, and sustained throughout the document. Please make connections to broader related issues, without tangents or distractions (e.g., comparative law for instance between the UAE and EU where relevant).
· Balance : please offer a proposition and give sufficient weight to opposing views and countervailing considerations, by: taking problems and turning them to your advantage; addressing implications such as resources and policy matters; acknowledging tradeoffs as necessary.
· Structure: please structure the parts of your dissertation in a logical order; coherently connect sections and use transitions to effect good flow throughout.

The conclusion,
· Please re-state the thesis; provide insightful observations and conclusions (for example, by discussing the future implications of the dissertation or by providing forward looking recommendations); avoid introducing new, confusing information or propositions.

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