Develop verbal/textual descriptions for a series of 3 photos

Develop verbal/textual descriptions for a series of 3 photos that you have selected based on a theme or topic for your choice.

For each image:

  • Provide the image and a link to where you found it.
  • Briefly note the publishing context where you located it [what was the platform or publication: an online newspaper, a blog, a marketing website, a Wikipedia article, etc.)
  • Write a description of the image intended for someone in the audience of the venue where it was published
  • Write a meta-analysis explaining how you decided what was important to describe in the photos and if there are things that you intentionally left out.When writing your meta-analysis of your verbal descriptions, it is worth considering how your approach relates to concerns of guidelines in the assigned readings from this past week: Georgina Kleege, “Audio Description Described,” Joel Snyder, “Audio Description: The Visual Made Verbal, ” and Sharon Marcus, Heather Love, and Stephen Best, “Building a Better Description,”


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