Local Law Enforcement, and Immigrants.

Williams, L. M. (2015). Beyond Enforcement: Welcomeness, Local Law Enforcement, and Immigrants. – ATTACHED. Please read William’s article and answer the following questions: 1) Write a short paragraph identifying and describing the TOPIC of the research article. 2) Please list the RESEARCH QUESTION (S) the author(s) pose? 3) Write a short paragraph breifly stating WHAT the author (s) suggest WE KNOW about this topic before the research was conducted. 4) Does the author (s) state (a) formal hypothesis? 5) which research method does (do) the author (s) employ (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed)? Please provide supporting evidence 6) Describe the sampling process and procedure used by the author (s). 7) Do you think the author use proper sampling technique? Explain. Draw on Creswell’s book (pp. 158-9 – provides overview) 8) Define and explain the construct of “welcomness”, and what is meant by it in the article. 9) How does Williams try to improve construct validity?, 10) Identify the level of measurement (Table 1 responses) 11) Describe the “General Index of Welcomeness” and how was it constructed? To answer some of the questions I have also attached Cresswell’s book.

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