mental health law

UK references ONLY. OSCOLA referencing 3 scenarios Assessment Task —— Discuss the issues of mental health law in all the following scenarios: —— ——-(A) D is admitted to hospital under s.4, Mental Health Act 1983 on May 1. Four days later the nurse in charge of his ward refuses to let him go out because he is not mentally well enough. Within five hours he is put on s.3 after special arrangements have been made by Dr. Remo, a consultant psychiatrist, who, together with D, owns the Den of Bacchus, the most popular wine bar in town. Dr. Remo is also the twin brother of D and Castro, the maker of the application for admission under section 3, to which their mother has strongly objected. D is very unhappy that after four weeks of his admission under section 3, no one has bothered to inform him about his rights under the Mental Health Act 1983, as amended. (100 Marks) ——–(B) On April 1 E is admitted to hospital under s2, MHA 1983. He is put on section 2 again on the 28th April because his mental state warrants his further stay in hospital. He, however, thinks he is alright and ought to be allowed to leave hospital to go home. Besides, he is unhappy about the fact that, despite his objections, he is given an injection and then secluded because of his violent behaviour towards the ward staff as well as other patients in the ward. (100 Marks) ——-(C) On the same day in the evening Tony is observed by PC Nosey and PC Parker crossing a road at the city centre. He is absolutely naked. After crossing the road he starts talking and singing to a coin he sees on the pavement. About a dozen shoppers gather around watching him. (100 Marks) —–Assessment Criteria ——special instructions –1. The assignment must be double-spaced. –2. It must be paginated in Arabic numerals. –3. Cases and statutes must be underlined. –4. Word limit: 2,000. –5. Plagiarism must be avoided. –6. The essay should be fully referenced (including a bibliography and using OSCOLA referencing). –7. Grammar and spelling will be noted

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