Nutrition Text and Lab Instructions

Each student must submit their own Nutrition Assignment. You May NOT be part of a group for this Assignment. This Assignment takes 3 days to complete, so give yourself plenty of time.


Read Nutrition Text and Lab Instructions. Copy and paste tables into document, follow the instructions and submit work (in table format), including your food diary and answered questions, as the Lab 7 Nutrition Assignment by copying and pasting all tables, diaries, and answered questions in Submission area.

Grading rubric for Lab 7 Nutrition Assignment is as follows: Submission by due date April 16 at 9AM. Late submission period April 16-18 will have points deducted (up to 30%). It may be submitted in a .docx or .pdf file. It may NOT be submitted as .pages file.

24 possible points; 4 points for each of the following items:

1. Food diary (each day MUST be different; you may NOT duplicate the food eaten each day…so select 3 days when you know you will be eating different food each day). A submission with a food diary that duplicates the food for all 3 days will be returned with a zero and a request for the work to be corrected and resubmitted. Data copied (completely or partially) from any other website that offers previous students’ work will trigger a Academic Misconduct report filed by the Instructor to Student Affairs. DO YOUR OWN WORK. DO NOT USE ANOTHER STUDENTS DATA.

2. Physical activity diary,

3. Activity Intensity Summary,

4. Energy Cost for activities,

5. Estimation of total energy expenditure, and

6. Answered questions

Open the following websites to calculate:……

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