the Braves and Indians in baseball, the Redskins and Chiefs in football

The assignment is to answer the question; “Should Native – American nicknames and mascots be used for sports teams?” Besides the Braves and Indians in baseball, the Redskins and Chiefs in football, there are at least 58 college and countless high school teams that are using Native-American nicknames. There are at least 30 high school teams, right here in Texas. It has become politically incorrect to offend the Indians by using references to their tribes or a mascot that represents them .When new schools open up and the students vote on a mascot, Native –American names are usually NOT among the choices. You are to pick Two articles at the bottom and use that to write your paper. You will need to view Two of the videos below and include in your paper. The format is 750-1000 words, double spaced, 12 font. Spelling, capitalization, etc.. Mistakes = -1 per mistake. Everything needs to be TYPED, including YOUR NAME. You should also have a title.. You

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