the multiple pressures on policy makers

Objective: The objective for this assignment is for students to understand and critically analyze the multiple pressures on policy makers in Texas as they most listen to their leaders, the governor, the voters (social responsibility) and their own conscience (personal responsibility) in deciding how to cast their vote on a controversial issue. Scenario for the assignment: “You have recently been elected as a Republican to the Texas House of Representatives from a competitive district (even number of Democrats, Republicans and Independents) just outside of Dallas. One of the first bills that you must vote on is House Bill 3- a Bill to prohibit any Texan without a valid US birth Certificate from receiving any state benefits, including welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare. Your constituents support the bill as does the Governor your party, but you oppose it on grounds that such limits are unconstitutional (and morally wrong). The Speaker of the House opposes the bill as well”. Instructions: 1. Write a paper that answers the questions below. 2. In explaining how you will vote on the bill, be sure to explain the following: What Representational Role you will adopt (trustee or delegate). (Unit 4 Written Lectures, Slide 24) How will the Speaker of the House, the Lt. Governor and Governor of Texas influence the fate of the bill? (Unit 4 Written Lectures, Slides 8, 9, 10 & 19) How do you think constituents might try to influence your vote? (Unit 4 Written Lectures, Slide 17) Which factors noted above and in your notes (constituents, governor, party leaders and your own opinion) will influence your vote? Rank them in importance. (Unit 4, Written Lectures, Slide 21) Will you vote for or against the bill? Please explain your answer thoroughly. You should refer back to the representational role here. (Unit 4 Written Lectures, Slide 24) 3. The paper should include subject headers (ie. Representational Roles, Influence of Legislative Leaders, etc.).

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