a marketing plan

At the end of week #6, a 2,200 word paper is due on a marketing plan for either a business you wish to start, or an existing business of your choosing. ***note: (writer, please pick a business of your choice). You can select specific topics for your marketing plan from the Marketing Plan Coach software on the text’s student website: Marketing Plan Coach Website Chapter 20 of our textbook also has an outline of common elements in a marketing plan. See Exhibit 20-4 on pages 536-537 of out text – pages 546 and 547 in the softcover 2 volume edition. Your paper must follow APA format and must not violate Park University’s guidelines with respect to plagiarism. Note: Please see the syllabus for information related to plagiarism. Guidance on APA formatting can be found at the following sites: owl.english.purdue.edu www.bibme.org citationmachine.net The report format should follow these guidelines: Margins: Left, Right, Top & Bottom – 1 inch Font: Times New Roman Line spacing: Double spaced Font size: 12 pt Be sure to include a Title page and a Reference page.

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