Make or break essay

Make or break essay, examples of this type essays are given.1000 charecters with spaces included. Q.Please describe a situation where you failed and what you have learned from it. Please limit your answer to 1000 characters spacing included. * Sharing my answer: Prawaha,my first non profit organization consisted of a fundraising team for various healthcare activities by doctors,medicos and professors in rural was almost 4months into the team,me along woth a team of 5 freshmen(un experienced)were assinged the job of preparing a fund raising campaing and stratergies.intially we worked very hard in coming up with various fund raising ideas but most of them were based on the moral/emotional conscience ie,we opted for a monthly donation model where every student from all years of collage has to gove 100 npr every month.most of the money collected was strictley conscience based and was very less. We didnt realize that the problem was linking the monthly donation with revenue generation was risky,random and wont work well bcoz as the time passes most of the students would be reluctant to give the money from their pockets and the conscience was becoming a steep downward slope.all the scheduled activities were running damp without expected cash and support from the collage authorities. Mean-while ,the farewell cermony for the outgoing batch was aproching and the student comittee looking for students who could organize the whole act ,idea stuck in my head ,i felt i could generate cashflows as part of the farewell fee,use all the connections and networks of prawaha and sped about 60% of collected on the occasion and 40% for prawaha.most students looked at the bright side of having fun along with helping the poor,were ready to give the money.Even though we couldnt fully perform the scheduled prawaha activities,this purticular act atleast saved 2 months of burn rate ie the budjet for 40% of the planned activities of prawaha. I learned that it is very imp to fully understand the pulse of the customers in this case students ,their feelings,needs,behaviour patterns ,what can the spend depending upon the services/products we provide,this very situation helped me dig deep into the concept of entrepreneurship , listening to what the customers want and invent on behalf of them. This experience led me to start a new non-profit branch under prawaha that created a subscription based revenue generating business model where students engage in funfilled activities ,buying merchendiae ,social media content creation etc paying certain everymonth

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