one character in the novel to question their role in the process of the investigation.

Key question 34( snow falling on cedars) (1page ) (deadline 19.03.2018) Imagine that you could target any one character in the novel to question their role in the process of the investigation. In a journalistic style, create a new item exposing the bungling in one aspect of the investigation into the events surrounding Carl Heine’s death and the subsequent trial of kabuo. Key question 35 (snow falling on cedars) (1 page) (19.03.2018) Consider the varying facets of the setting of the story, is there a theme song, which would act as an effective metaphore for the story, or one part of the story,which one occurs in a distincitve setting? in essay style, propose a theme song which would be suitable and for a scene or section in the novel. Provide the lyrics and justify your choice. explain why you chose the song and the setting evoked within the lyrics, which relates to the story Keyquestion 36 (snowfalling on cedars) (1 page) (deadline 19.03.2018) reread a few passages from guterson where new settings are introduced. Consider various places you have visited or admired and choose your favorite. write a detailed description in the form of a travel invitation. be sure to include aspects of the setting similar to those incorporated by guterson Keyquestion 39 Othello (1page) (check scans) (21.03.2018) Key question 42 (othello) (2 pages) (check scan) (21.03.2018) keyquestion 43 a,c (othello) (1 page) CHECK SCAN (21.03.2018) kEY QUESTION 46 ,47 (othello) (2 page) check scan (23.03.2018) Key question 48, 49 (othello) (10 pages) check scan (26.03.2018)

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