South of the Border, West of the Sun

Essay 2Prompt South of the Border, West of the Sun Choose one of the following options for our essay: 1.Write an essay in which you explore the journeys and developments Hajime and Shimamoto. Use a literary theory (I recommend structuralism or psychoanalysis)to analyze the self-knowledge and self-awareness that Hajime and Shimamoto gain or fail to realize by the end of the novel. 2.Explore the relations of female characters in the novel: Yukiko, Shimamoto and Izumi. Use Psychoanalysis and/or Feminism to explain the significance of each character to Hajime in the novel.How are the women constructed and how do their characters relate to the overall meaning of the novel. Length Requirement: 5-6 page (not counting Works Cited page) MLA format required. Must use at least one outside source (Tyson is okay to use). You may use other outside sources as well if you find it helpful in your development.

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