the resources you have selected for the client are suitable for assisting a client at that stage.

Assignment Instructions For each of the bi-weekly assignments: (1) Keeping in mind the stage this client is at (the focus of each particular assignment), clearly identify 3-4 (or more) resources, and give all information required so that anyone could find them. Ensure that the resources you have selected for the client are suitable for assisting a client at that stage. Use the Assignment Guide. (2) Include a description for each resource (what it is, how it helps). (3) Finish with a paragraph telling me why you think these resources are appropriate in assisting this particular client at this particular stage. Stage Three Choose Options Sort through material and narrow options Life-Work Vision Personal Objectives Career Objectives Goal Setting Planning At this stage, assist the client to explore the short list of potential occupations gathered so far, and evaluate their findings. Research each of the potential occupations (not necessarily employers) by using various tools and directories including: National Occupation Codes other websites books The client can use other modes of gathering information including: Networking Conducting Information Interviews Volunteering Job shadowing Assist the client with a review of relevant: Labour Market Information Education Training Requirements. Now that they have specific information, compare this short list of occupational findings with their: Personal Type Interests Values Lifestyle Knowledge Skills Abilities Learning Style identified in Stage One. NOTE: Assist the client in narrowing down the potential occupation list by considering the advantages and disadvantages of various jobs. Encourage them to make decisions based on how well the occupation information matches with the self-assessment information they have about themselves from Stage One. Assist the client in choosing a direction, making a choice. It is crucial at this stage that the Career Development Practitioner have an understanding of counselling and well developed counselling skills.

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