tutorial on the case of Mr. Penzey

In this Case Assignment, you will address the following in a 2- to 3-page essay: First view this tutorial on the case of Mr. Penzey and record notes about his condition as you view his symptoms and test results: Stress-Related Disorders Go to Stress Related Disorders Based on what you read and observed in the previous case study, address the following questions in the body of your essay: What were the main findings of Mr. Penzey’s physical exam? How could his CT results be related to his blood pressure findings? Define the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. What did the laboratory results suggest about his overall kidney function? Are there additional tests that could help you arrive at a diagnosis for Mr. Penzey’s condition? How did the EKG and blood pressure results indicate damage was occurring to Mr. Penzey’s circulatory system? What did the genetic results suggest about Mr. Penzey’s condition? The mutation on the agarose gel showed the presence of a chimeric 11-β-hyroxylase gene which caused an overproduction of the enzyme aldosterone synthase. How is this enzyme involved in the function of ACTH, aldosterone and cortisol? How do these hormones affect the homeostasis of blood pressure? What do you think his condition might be? ATTATCHED IS THE CASE FILE

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