Unknown Bacteria

Identification of Two Unknown Bacteria LAB REPORT GRADING: Your grade depends on your following these instructions in writing the report, your laboratory technique (good aseptic practices), following of each procedure correctly, complete record of results, proper interpretation and explanation of data. General grading (refer to your instructors rubric for more details) 10 points Lab Notebook: All information is present, organized, and carefully documented for each week of the lab project. Brief interpretations of results are present. 20 points Identification: The two bacterial species have been correctly isolated and identified from the list of possible unknowns. 10 points Lab Report Formatting: Report follows correct lab report formatting. (See attached.) All the information is in the correct section. Reference(s) are properly cited. 5 points Grammar and Spelling: Report has good grammar and spelling. (Get a Proofreader!) Use italics for Genus and species. (Ex. Clostridium difficile ) 5 points Title and Abstract Section: Title is appropriate and specific (“Unknown Lab” is a poor title) Abstract is a brief but thorough overview that states the number and identity of each unknown. 5 points Introduction Section: Introduces the topic and states the importance of the topic for the reader. Introduction should not contain any methods, results, or discussion. 5 points Methods Section: Methods section briefly describes all methods used in a logical manner. Materials and details of your methods are not required. 10 points Results section: Clearly presents all results organized in typed table(s). Tables are referenced in a short descriptive (non-analytic) text. 25 points Discussion section: Your conclusions are defended in a logical argument. How did you narrow down the list? What tests led you to reject other bacteria? Writing “the results matched Bergey’s” isn’t good enough! 5 points Review (in Discussion) section: Did any of the tests give inconclusive results? Given more time, would you have repeated any tests? Were any errors made in your technique? If yes, how could these have been avoided? NOTE: Plagiarism will result in a failing grade. If you are uncertain if you have plagiarized, check with your professor. It is not worth the risk!

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