ACAH Voting Power in The Electoral College Paper

1)  Select one problem from the list provided below that you would like to research and investigate.

2) You are required to use no less than five (5) sources.  The sources/references used must come from scholarly articles, newspapers, periodicals, etc.  I encourage you to use the Richland Campus Library online catalog available to all students. There you will find different databases, govt. resources, journals, newspapers, etc. that will help you complete this paper/course requirement.

3)  You are required to answer all of the questions found in the template below while citing your sources/references in APA or MLA format.  Single or double space is acceptable.

4)  You must type the questions and answers using a word document, single or double space, 12 as your font size, and times new roman as your font face.  You can either write your analysis in question and answer format or essay format.  Please note, I prefer the question and answer format.  That is, type the question and then the answer.  Just make sure you cite your sources accordingly and where appropriate within your paper.

5) A bibliography/references page is required and must list all five (or more) sources you used in your analysis.  Bibliography pages must be in APA or MLA format.

6)  Submit your analysis through the link found at the bottom of this page.

7) Failure to follow these instructions will result in an assessed penalty to your grade.


1) Electoral College (one specific problem)

2) Terrorism (War on Terror and/or one specific problem)

3) Lobbying (one specific problem)

4)  Political Action Committees (PACs) (one specific problem)

5) Inequality (one specific problem)

6)  Economic Recession/Depression (one specific problem)

7) Civil Rights Act (one specific problem/issue)

8) Bill of Rights (select one specific amendment and/or problem/issue)

9) Public Opinion Polls (one specific problem)

10) Federal Judiciary (one specific problem)


1)  State your problem as clearly and precisely as you can.  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

2)  What is your purpose, goal, and need for solving this problem? (Recognize problems as obstacles to reaching your goals, achieving your purpose, or satisfying your need.) Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

3)  Study the problem to determine the “kind” of problem you are dealing with.  What kind of problem are you trying to solve? What do you have to do to solve it?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

4)  What from your problem do you have control over and what do you have no control over?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

5)  What information do you need to solve the problem? Explain.  How can you actively seek the information you need to solve the problem?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

6)  What theory or theories can you formulate concerning this problem? Carefully analyze and interpret your theories and draw reasonable inferences.  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

7)  Determine your options for action. What can you do in the short term? In the long term? Recognize your limitations in terms of money, time, and power.  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

8)  Evaluate your options, determining their advantages and disadvantages.  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

9)  Adopt a strategy. Follow through on it.  This may involve direct action or a carefully thought-through wait-and-see approach.  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

10)  Evaluate and assess the implications of your action/strategy.  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

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