Goals of Psychoanalytic/Object Relations Therapy

Object Relations Theory bridges the gap between classic psychoanalysis and family therapy. ORT focuses more on the interaction and the nurturing and intimacy of those interactions. ORT theorists implied that our identity is formed in relationships (past and present). We relate to people in the present based upon early experiences with caregivers. These experiences are often linked to physical objects (external objects) or mental images (internal objects) of self and others. These objects form the premise of our personality and how we relate to others. The need for human contact and nurturing does not come from sexual pleasure but simply way to develop and form secure bonds.

Goals of Psychoanalytic/Object Relations Therapy:

To create intrapsychic personality change. Families are freed from unconscious restrictions so they can interact with each other as whole and healthy person based of current reality rather than unconscious images of the past.

Therapist Role:




Analytic Neutrality

Pay close attention to affect

Holding the Safe Space

Please view the following link and answer the questions below:


what is the presenting problem/s according to Object Relations/Psychoanalytic Theory? (5 points)

What is the function of the “symptom” and how does the family interact around the symptom?(5 points)

How did the therapist create a “safe space” for the family to address the conflict? (5 points)

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