Graphical Techniques

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students hands-on experience with summarizing raw data using graphs and charts and interpreting results. Students will also use Excel® Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to summarize raw data. In the era of big data, tools like Pivot Tables and PowerPivot are critical tools to summarize the data.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft® Excel®,, Graphical Techniques Instructions

Complete the five questions in the Microsoft® Excel® file, “Graphical Techniques Template.”

Question 1: Plot a 100% stacked column chart for television sales by year.

Question 2: Plot a pie chart

Question 3: Use a Pivot table in Excel to construct a frequency distribution, plot a bar chart using Pivot Chart, and plot a pie chart using Pivot Chart.

Question 4: Plot Revenue on a line chart.

Question 5: Analyze a chart.

Note: Detailed instructions for the first four questions are provided in the document, “Graphical Techniques Instructions.”

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