Safety and Health Committee Presentation

Unit 7 Assignment 2: Safety and Health Committee Presentation

You are the senior leadership of the Fire Department.

You have decided it is important to form a Department Firefighter Safety and Health Committee due to recent on and off the job injuries. Unfortunately there has been a lack of participation in past Safety Committees. You need participants to volunteer for the Safety and Health Committee.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to encourage members of the department at all levels to participate in the new committee.

Develop a 17–20 slide PowerPoint presentation to encourage participation in the new Safety and Health Committee.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Explain the importance of this new committee and the importance of team building within the department (1–2 slides including speaker notes).
  • Identify at least four methods and techniques for maintaining a team environment through each the following (3–4 slides including speaker notes):
    • Status updates
    • Performance
    • Lower injuries
    • Team continuity
    • Analyze the importance of department participation (6–8 slides including speaker notes).
    • Include the desired expectations of the committee (1–2 slides including speaker notes).
    • Assess how the methods you have described will be successful (1–2 slides including speaker notes).

Include graphics as appropriate.

Include a title slide and reference slide.

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