the concept of federalism

1. This essay is to be submitted as Midterm Essay #1.

Define and explain the concept of federalism. Include in your discussion the different types of federalism, with examples. Discuss the constitutional logic of federalism.  Identify the powers and responsibilities of federal, state, and local governments. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of federalism? Identify and explain those advantages and disadvantages.

2. This essay is to be submitted as Midterm Essay #2.

Discuss the role of the Electoral College in our democratic system.  Why do we have to use the Electoral College (think Constitution!!) How has it changed from the original language in the US Constitution?  Discuss thoroughly how the Electoral College functions today.  Include in your essay the following: how are Electors chosen? How many are chosen (both at the national and state level)? Where and when do they cast their votes? How many Electoral votes are needed to obtain the presidency? What happens if no one candidate gets the necessary number of votes to win the presidency (what’s the back-up plan?)??  In your opinion, should the US keep the Electoral College? Why or why not?

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